Jayelynn Grace

Have you been with someone whom you have named a fictitious child with? We did!

Even though we have struggles and our faith is constantly tested, we love one another. It feels like a love that a lot of people will not experience in this life. And I only say that because I never knew what “love” felt like until now.

We know that we are soulmates. We compliment one another. Our love is eternal.

I’m not with him physically, yet (hopefully within three months).

We’ve poked around with wanting to marry one another and all the adventures we will go on. Recently he brought up that he had been fumbling around baby names. He came up with “Jayelynn”.

I came up with Grace.

Jayelynn Grace

A girl that I can give a life to that I never had.

Moments like this make me believe our love will be physically real one day. Of course IT IS REAL. But unless you’ve loved someone in prison it is hard to explain. Especially when you’ve never “been with” the person yet. All I can do is have an immeasurable amount of hope for us and what is to come.

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