Vaping – Safe?

I picked my boyfriend up from work yesterday and he was very excited to show me his brand new shiny vaping pen. (uhhh what?!)

He sensed my shock in his enthusiasm. So he explained that he has been having strong urges to smoke again ever since he got on his new ADD medication. And he wants to vape so the urge goes away – he tried it a few times and claims it works for him.

He swore up and down that it is safe. I see it as trading one extreme evil for the lesser of the two with the chance for it to result back in the extreme evil choice (smoking cigarettes).

I have ALWAYS said that smoking cigarettes is a deal breaker and I stand firm by that today! After reading research from credible organizations and medical hospitals, I am not convinced that it is “safe” or that “it isn’t addictive” or that “there is no chance to make him want to go back to cigarettes.” (his quoted words from last night)

WHAT IS THIS CRAP? Anyone else deal with a loved one going through this? DO YOU vape and have thoughts? I need feedback… All my depressed and emotional brain sees is that he is choosing to harm himself conducive to a social image versus seeking/trying a different and safer method from his primary doctor.


Initially it feels like just one more reason him and I won’t work out after three years together:(