March 17th 2019 – I want a fresh start. A fresh blog. A welcoming site full of the hope I have found. The insight I have accrued over the last two years. A beacon for those who are lost and a place of sorrow for others to help me when I am grieving.

There are several pages that I never want to lose! I never want to forget them as part of my past. I want to preserve them and re-read them any time I need a reminder on just how far I’ve come. It’s a lot like turning back a bunch of pages in your journal so reminisce or to laugh or cry or whatever.

So, although my site pages are changing, I have the link directly to each blog post I have turned those preexisting pages into.

Internal Hope – Originally posted August 5th, 2017

Prison Love I: Falling in Love – Originally posted August 12th, 2017

Prison Love II: Strength – Originally posted August 13th, 2017

Prison Love III: Endure – Originally posted May 24th, 2018