I started this blog because I have endured enough hardship in my life so that at age thirty, I had never known what “happiness” or “joy” or “love” or “worthiness” truly feels like. I hope to embrace the darkest corners of our vulnerability and connect openly. Let’s share the struggles that mental health forces upon each of us, everyday. I hope to enrich your life and for you to enrich mine as we continue to find beauty in the world and conquer small goals that equate to big wins.

I want to point out that there is a reason the primary photo for this blog is a lotus flower. The symbolism behind the lotus is it will bring purity to the mind, body, and spirit. This flower is stunningly beautiful and it blossoms above mucky dirty water despite it having roots that are engrossed in the soil below. Drops of water gently slide off the petals symbolizing easy detachment from it’s beauty. Each individual is capable AND deserves this kind of beauty.

On a more serious note…

Above all else, expect silly humor and improper use of sarcasm from my posts. Maybe some profanity if you are lucky.