About Me

I will turn thirty-two on May 12th 2019.

Two years ago I wrote this about myself: I am still learning how to think for myself; believe for myself; love for myself; and just to be…myself.

The last two years have been full of growth. Endless grief and pain. Along with moments of bliss and peace.

I hope to share my story and to help you on your mental health journey by finding happiness in the small victories we accomplish.

Personally, I have gone against all odds and become an extraordinary woman. I began my journey on self-improvement three years ago. Towards the end of 2016 I got kicked in the face with debilitating and severe depression that almost made me take my life (three different times) and made me take a short-term disability from work for 7 months. Subconsciously, I found strength and hope to tackle each struggle, each down-fall, and all the pain associated, and rise above it.

I have obtained a B.S. Psychology and Business Administration and secured a career in Hospital Administration as a Lean Facilitator. Eventually, I have no doubt that I will obtain a Master of Arts from my university of choice. There are two career paths I am still exploring while I sustain life as I know it today.

My “care team” consist of my boyfriend, his mother, my best friend, and my counselor and psychiatrist. Five people. I now know that sometimes my family will not have a blood relation and they may be part of the best people to have in my life.

At home therapy consists of many, many, many-babies!

  • Norwegian Forest cat – “Snip” is 19 years old.
  • Main Coon cat – “Tala” is two years old.
  • Border Collie – “Sway” is two years old.
  • German Shepherd – “Sasha”;
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid – “Zoey”;
  • Miniature Chihuahua – “Bella”; and,
  • Corgi – “Buddy” are all about seven-nine years old.
  • Chinchilla – “Gizmo” is ?? years old (lol) – He is especially furry-fluffy.

I hope to share my story by posting insight on my struggles. I also hope to help you on your mental health journey.