What makes you happy? What is happiness? It is such a subjective subject because we are all unique and contribute to society in a different way. On top of that, many get so consumed by daily routines that we forget to find happiness in the most simplest things or situations. I had an idea to write this post today, so as I went through the day, I was trying to pay attention to things that make me happy…

  1. The sweet pain after working out
  2. Watching cat videos on YouTube/Facebook (or goats, or dogs, or otters, or any animal really)
  3. Freshly washed blanket to snuggle in
  4. The smell of warm banana bread with chocolate chips
  5. Feeling a warm sensation of love and peace after watching Wonder Woman
  6. Seeing others smile and laugh
  7. A 30 minute nap
  8. The smell of Fall
  9. Playing Frisbee with my puppy
  10. A 45 minute conversation with the love of your life

How about you?