Finding Gratitude in the Dark

I had a very rough day. My body and brain are still trying to adjust to a rather crazy change in a mood stabilizer/SSRI and the side effects continue. Hallucinations, outbursts of crying, extreme depression and fatigue, and the occasional panic attack. It’s almost midnight and as I reflect back on today, I am grateful… Continue reading Finding Gratitude in the Dark

A Second Day of Gratitude

I’m grateful for sleep. I’m grateful for me body and all the hardship it has endured. I’m grateful for water. I’m grateful for my Self and all my parts. I’m grateful that I’m not alone in my struggle with mental health and that my support loves me unconditionally.

A Day for Gratitude

I’m grateful for a yard that my dog can run in. I’m grateful I have a reliable vehicle and my body is mobile. I’m grateful my counselor has stayed with me through this journey. I’m grateful for finger nails. I’m grateful for those who volunteer their time selflessly to help others and our planet. I’m… Continue reading A Day for Gratitude

Learning to Love

It’s never easy to walk away, let her go. When you touched my heart, you could tell I was broken. Everything leads to – just walk away – but you love me. It will be okay. It will hurt. Bottoms up, tonight. Time can’t steal the love you’re born to find. Never easy but you’ll… Continue reading Learning to Love