Ironically Missing You

I just had a “aHAH” moment. When you have something all the time, you start to treat the material, situation, emotion, or person and you end up acting like it is a privileged luxury you deserve. But we aren’t privileged to anything. And at ANY moment it can disappear. I miss him. I haven’t seen… Continue reading Ironically Missing You

Alternative to Suicide

At church this last Sunday, the pastor told us a story about how a man walked into his office years ago and said he wanted to kill himself. The pastor asked him why and he was met with many reasons – recently divorced, financial issues, his job is stressful, etc. The pastor shared with us… Continue reading Alternative to Suicide

Sort it out with Words?

I don’t know. The only thing I know is that maybe if I write then something will make sense. I want to write about every emotion feeling sensation image and see if I can get to an exile. I’m anxious. Constantly lately. Anytime I focus on my Self, anxiety is conquering the battlefield. And my… Continue reading Sort it out with Words?