“I’m excellent”.

In my place of work, we share a culture where you smile and/or say “hello” to fellow employees you pass by. Instead, the “hello” has turned into a simple “hi.” with little eye contact. (I’d predict this happens 87.9% of the time – but I hated each  statistics course I took in college).

The other day, someone passed by me and said “hi, how are you?”. I said “excellent, thank you”.

The look on his face was one of shock. It seemed like he was thrown off by a crazy response. 

Has society turned into the “hi” then “hi” interactions? Where we see one another pass by and flash a temporary, quick smile? Where we don’t even make contact with those around us.

Maybe I’m too focused on this topic. I encourage you to focus on this at work and see what responses you get when you respond with “excellent”.