My Astral Projection – Not Recommended

Ready for a random-ass blog? Far from my usual topic of mental health. Let’s shake it up a bit 🙂


When I explained what happened, in what I originally thought to be a dream, to my boyfriend; he told me to Google “astral projection”. He made it seem like the coolest thing ever! He is super duper into paranormal, demonology, etc.


I read all about this being an out of body experience; telepathy; separating your body from the physical and capable of travelling outside throughout the universe.

Sounds fucking awesome, right!?!?

I did what any human would do when a new concept peeks your interest. I read on and on, different websites, different explanations. Then I learned about the astral plane… (which is very complicated, I’m no expert but I will try to do it justice with my explanation).

The astral plane is a world of celestial spheres, consisting of the planetary heavens, where the soul crosses over as an astral body. Angels, spirits, demonic entities, succubus/incubus reside here. Long story short, your soul is always attached to your body but can travel outside your physical body. You can be possessed by a demon if you let it in; sex with demons to feed them energy; etc. etc. etc. I can’t share all the details because at this point I was terrified. And I’m not even an expert.

I explained this to the boyfriend. And then he explained (with urgency) that this isn’t something to be messed with, to stop pursuing an interest in it, and to never intentionally do it again.


I didn’t try to do it. But I am a lucid dreamer and I can control my dreams. This is my brief experience.

I remember meditating before I went to sleep the night before. Around six am the next morning, the following happened: everything was hazy, I was in my room but it was different. My eyes were closed but I could feel something shaking, like a vibration, within me. I couldn’t move; I could sense two others in the room, but couldn’t focus on anything. Then I saw him.

My boyfriend. In bed with me. Laying across from me. He was in MY bed peering into MY eyes… smiling at me. But I couldn’t open my eyes. I couldn’t even smile back. When I tried to move my arm, his appearance faded, I noticed the blur of the sunlight coming through the window… then I snapped out of it. And woke up from my sleep.

When you haven’t been in your bed with your loved one for a year, this experience impacts you in more ways than one. Now you know why I was so excited about doing it again prior to reading about the dangers.

For the next several days, I was emotionally drained, to say the least. Causing an emotional depressive storm.

I do not recommend you try this unless you are with an expert. It is one of those things that was totally awesome and now is totally frightening. Doing it once for me is good enough.

We’ll chalk this up to a lesson learned.

3 thoughts on “My Astral Projection – Not Recommended

  1. Astral projection isn’t something you should really be scared of. The things that scare you are only in your head. You always have to think positive and remember it’s nothing to be scared of. Of course, astral projection might not be for everyone. Those who dedicate to it learn huge lessons from it. Next time you have a dream just let it happen. If you get scared tell yourself there’s nothing to be scared of. You don’t have to astral project. You can always just lucid dream, which is more “safe” or controllable.


      1. Astral projection can be controlled. You just have to practice. It’s the same as lucid dream just better. You can lucid dream and then astral project without even noticing. You’ll just believe it’s lucid dream. Has been to me many times! If it happens to you again I’d love to read about it.

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