Random Bucket List Things

I keep this little journal that I carry around with me and I write down bucket list items as I think of them. A lot of them are the usual like bungee jump or sky dive. Then I thought about it more, and perhaps my bucket list items aren’t as random as I thought?

Here are a few randomly chosen from different pages:

  1.  Start my Masters in Psychology
  2. Kayak with orcas in San Juan Islands, WA.
  3. Complete 30 days straight of yoga
  4. Try SUP board
  5. Watch “E.T.”
  6. Have a candlelit bath
  7. Have a job that I love
  8. Meet Dave Grohl
  9. Get lost and be okay with it
  10. Go to a symphony

I’d love to hear some of yours.

4 thoughts on “Random Bucket List Things

  1. You could combine 2. The symphony is now showing movies and playing live music instead of the recorded movie tracks. I took my son to see E.T. at the symphony just this past January.
    On my bucket list, move overseas.


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