My entire life I’ve never had anyone to inspire me or believe in me. Reflecting, the individuals that I thought had pure intentions were only concerned with their own intentions.

To tack onto those statements, society is a complex dynamic. Each person is living with a different childhood, their own pain, their own beliefs. Have you ever given thought into how complex that makes every interaction you have with others? Neighbors, friends, coworkers. 

So. With that disclaimer being announcer, I fear the unknown. What happens next? I’m moving in the direction of being less codependent. In the direction of stability with my mind/moods.

How could anyone actually believe in me after all I’ve been through?? When your entire life, people in your life told you not to take chances, or spend money that you have extra of, or take a risk, or invest in a passion. For example, when I wanted to go back to school (WSU), everyone in my life told me I shouldn’t pursue that because it would cost money / debt and “who knows if I’d succeed”. 

At what point do you take a leap of faith and trust others? More importantly, to trust yourself?

3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Hrmm.. when one works towards building trust with others and confidence in self, I think the transition becomes more bearable. Best of luck!


  2. Thank them for their advice and do what you want. Life is too short. I was told I wouldn’t make enough money to keep going when I wanted to start my own business and yes, it took a while, but now I’m successful.


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