Future Career

I see an office and I’m wearing a black blazer. And the office has nice furniture, leather, two chairs, a lounger thing, and a desk with a computer chair. The office has a tall vase with greenery. Its not a dark room but its not light either.

I walk in the door each time happy.

I’m wearing heels that I can walk in. But they are cute and stylish. Like, hot red.

My body is thinner and I have a new wardrobe. A more professional one but its still cute and young clothes that are professional and adult-like.

I drive to work in a car I like. An SUV compact. It has dark rims, black sparkly paint, red calipers, a black emblem on the back, with a stylish license frame of my choice.

I’m proud to see my degrees framed and mounted on the wall. This also makes me more confident because I can visibly demonstrate my legitimacy of knowledge to others.

I help others. Find themselves, heal, just… be.

I know what this means and I know it will be a lot of work getting there. But I will. Time flies and it is never too late to pursue your dream job…

I just need to jump and believe I will fly.