Future Life and my Ramblings

Home – I want a house that I design. This house will have a three car garage and two bathroom sinks in the master bath. It will have a stand up shower and a Jacuzzi tub and a skylight window above. It will be a two story home. There will be a game room with an air hockey table and a large television for sports. I will have several dogs, at least one cat, and some other type of animal like pygmy goats. I want a WSU flag out front. And a large living room that is cozy instead of the type where you have to be super careful to not bump anything or spill anything.

Family – I want a huge ring. I don’t need to be married. I did that once with the dream beach wedding and big dress and pretty cake. I want to be happy with myself inside and out and a man that compliments that instead of me relying on him for happiness. If he already has kids then I would be their biggest fan. I’m not sure if it would mean I’m a step mother, the concept seems like I’m not good enough for that because that would mean he cares about me enough to take in his kids like family. I don’t know if I want a child of my own anymore. I know that that doesn’t necessarily define happiness. I would want him open to the idea just in case. I want someone I can roll around in the sheets with laughing and telling stories with. I want to be able to look up and see his eyes filled with love. I want to be close to my parents. I want to be close to my brothers. I want Christmas at my house. I want everyone to be happy and not materialistic.

Hobbies – I want to kayak. And explore the woods high in the mountains to the point I’m lost and I need a map to find my way – I want to do this with someone I trust so they can figure out how to make it back, haha. I want to do yoga every morning as the sun rises on the back porch that over looks the land I have. I want to read and write in my nook where I nap on Sunday afternoons. I want to jog, for fun. Because I want to live healthy.

I’m not going to consider how I pay for this. The sky is the limit and someone extraordinary once told me “impossibilities only exist in the mind”.

I want to be happy. And I want to share my life with someone.