The Dark

Is anyone else afraid of the dark? The unknown that lurks in the distance? That gut feeling that something haunting is in your presence? The sensation of hair standing up on the back of your neck?

When I was about five years old, I remember my brothers locking me in a room, making me watch the movies about the Candyman and Stella. I remember the feeling of sheer terror rushing through me as they were on the other side of the door laughing.

A similar experience happened with “It”. Locked up. Mocked. Terror. When I was hospitalized about seven years later, a clown came to visit me in my hospital room. I was so scared that I turned away, broke down in hysterical tears, and insisted that the clown leave.

Another experience? The Ouija board. Luckily, one of the few pieces of advice my mother has given me at a very early age was to never play with a Ouija board. When my brothers were playing with one, I remember watching them from a distance. They were laying on a blanket on my grandmother’s lawn. They appeared to be discovering things about them, the future, epiphanies that were so intriguing; all I felt was an ominous sensation connect me to the ground me below; pulling me back from approaching them.

These experiences have carried into adult hood and I still need a night light every night. These childhood experiences of torture have been present my entire life due to their subconscious immature actions.

The question stands – Why are you afraid of the dark?