Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you

A huge thank you to Glimmers of Silver for her nomination – I am truly grateful for this recognition! Her blog encourages me to explore why I think what I think, what I do and why I do it…and at the end of the day, what is the meaning of it all? She challenges me to stay in tune with my emotions, feelings, and beliefs on my road to self-discovery and healing. You need to check her out!

Advice to My Fellow Bloggers

I started my blog about a month ago and I am surprised to have seventy followers already. Mostly because I started writing to express myself with a hope it would be therapeutic to me. I found, quickly, that there are others like me and we all relate to one another for a different reason. We create an online community. With that said, I can speak from experience that using an online browser to search for tips and tricks and topics to write about – doesn’t fuel your inspiration to write. Because when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter what you blog about or why or the purpose or the frequency. You write from the heart. You express yourself electronically in a format that brings zero judgement and an infinite amount of support. When you don’t find power to write from your heart, write from your head – bring memories, thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, emotions, beliefs, to life.

Why Did I Start My Blog?

To heal. With a hope that, somewhere out there, I could touch the lives of others that may suffer from similar pain as mine. By no means did I have a stable childhood or an adult life where I was in control. And somewhere amongst the chaos, at age thirty, the hope and faith from deep in my heart spoke up. Somehow, I chose to embrace my kind heart even though I believe that I have no self-worth; to rise above when everyone said I couldn’t; to pursue my dream of exploring mind, body, and spirit. I have a self-made life and I want others to know that you can rise above it. It is okay to feel pain; to cry when you need to; to seek help for mental illness; to continue the pursuit of self-discovery because you are worth it… and to be happy even though it is a feeling that is uncomfortable for many of us since it is so new. Every one of us deserves happiness – and you have the power to transform your life. It is never too late and that is the best piece of advice I could ever give – that I could ever blog about – that I could share with the world.


The following bloggers inspire me to write. I find that I relate to each of them, each in a unique way – all of which, enrich my life and well-being:

The Secret Blog

Discovering Your Happiness

A Fractured Faith

A Poet’s Paradise

The Steps for Those Nominated

*Create a blog post
*Give a short description of the blog that nominated you and add their link
*Write your best piece of advice for other bloggers
*Discuss what made you start your blog
*Nominate 15 other blogs that you think people should check out

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