Spiritual Awakening

I believe, with all certainty, that I have had a spiritual awakening.

We’ve all heard of mind, body, and spirit. But do you know what it means? Until recently, I had no clue what the spiritual component meant.

I have been focusing on connecting my mind and body. Stabilizing my moods, mindset, emotional intelligence understanding each part of me and leading by Self – taking care of my body, eating healthy, exercising, loving my physique. But more importantly, tuning into the constant flowing connection and sensation between meridians. The alignment of chakras that are so powerful you doubt at first whether it is real. Meditating to clear my mind, even if for five minutes.

Well, folks, all of this is very real.

On Monday August 28th, I had an experience unlike any other. Unlike anything I knew was even possible. The felt sense and belief that a spirit “flooded” me. Merged with my spirit. An intangible aura that I felt a few feet away enter me immediately. The light heavily entering my chest with lighter aura’s entering my head through my toes. The aura had a light pinkish / yellow hue and it was translucent, but faint.

It was a “whoosh” at an unexpected moment. A moment that I recall so vividly that I am writing about it with as much detail as it revealed to me. I didn’t question what happened – I believed, trusted, hope, faith. And I thanked God for blessing me with such a gift to be able to accomplish mind, body, and spirit alignment.

God, I know is with me at every moment – this I finally believe. And I lead every action by Self since that Monday. I am respectful, humble, and demonstrate compassion, but for weeks I have now been mindful of every action. Living in the moment. Trusting my heart. I feel lighter, more at peace. I speak up for my best interests; yet, I don’t waste energy on situations I can’t control.

I believe in me… this is such a new feeling yet I trust it.

Have you ever experienced something similar?

One thought on “Spiritual Awakening

  1. I’ve had a spiritual awakening as well. My first realization was about a year ago and since then I have been struggling with depression but about a month ago I had another awakening experience and since then my connection to my true self has been getting stronger and stronger. It’s a beautiful thing. I do a lot of meditating now and am becoming more present in everyday life. I watch a lot of videos on youtube by Mooji and also Eckhart Tolle who describe how to continue to connect with spirit.


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