Promise, No Promises 

Have you ever called upon a friend/family member for help? To sit by you while you cry? To give advice when you know that no words will help drown the pain?

You are asking for a simple request, right? Except when the person you call on isn’t available………..

Does anyone ever consider what the other person (the one you called upon) is struggling with themselves? Perhaps they are fighting the battle of their life to crawl out of bed in the morning and pull it together long enough at work to keep her job??

I am writing this post because it happened to me. Long story short, my brother was dating a girl for 13 months and they bought a house together. The whole time he “joked” that when the remodel was done, he would dump her, and sell the house for a profit.

Everyone is human, I get that. Each of us had a unique upbringing contributing to who we are. Still. I am ashamed of him!

She reached out to me knowing I have a good heart. Morally, I want to help her. I will do what is morally right always regardless if it goes against family or not.

Any advice I give; and encouragement I offer; all the wisdom shared; faith and hope instilled in her…. I get no where. She doesn’t acknowledge me trying to help and is never concerned for me.

I told her the other day that I love her – and that this is no reflection on her or her character, but I have to set a boundary- since I am draining myself to help her, and in doing so, I am harming my well-being/mental health.

I feel like it is a fine gray line. I always promise to help others and care for others; until, it crosses a point where I suffer. 


3 thoughts on “Promise, No Promises 

  1. It’s good to care and help others, as matter of fact it makes us humane. Helping people out inconvenience have more reward but every thing needs wisdom.

    Let’s take a car for instance, each time you use the fuel/gas, you have to get another. So is us. We need to know when to take a pause and refill ourselves.

    Well done. My best regards.

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  2. What I tell my best friend is that you have to take care of yourself first. I know we want to help the people we love but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we will end up not being able to help anyone.

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