Be The Reason

With all of the news and sorrow viciously attached to all the hurricanes, I realized something: life is short and nothing is promised.

Sure, I’ve had that realization before. But now more than ever… woah. That shit is impactful.

So. Be The Reason!!

Be someone’s reason to smile today. To laugh today.

Donate and Be The Reason a shelter pet now has food and/or a home.

Be The Reason love is spread across your country uniting all countries around the world.

When your faith isn’t present, lean on others, lean on God, find your reason and help others.

Lead by example and help our youth grow.

Speak up for safety in any workplace to keep workers and customers safe.

Reach a hand out to a friend, family member, neighbor, struggling with depression and just BE THERE. Set aside your struggle and mental exhaustion for two hours and give the blessing of hope.