Weight Management Struggles Cont.

All day yesterday I was on the couch, eating kettlecorn, watching Netflix and essentially doing very little (and I mean it when I say, very little). I was mad at myself last night so I ate right before bed. My brain knows this won’t help. But the part of my brain THAT WON the battle told me that I would be comforted if I just ate a little more.

I woke up this morning in the nastiest food hangover. All the carbs and sugars pouring out of my pores and all the ickyness of a substance abuse. Your drug of choice can really be anything.

My friend Karli got a legit gym membership and we agreed to go Wednesday and Thursday’s at 5pm and then again on Sunday at 1pm. We’ve done pretty well with the attendance track recorder the last three weeks. I had been working out on a more intense daily-workout-plan, so with Karli, we are taking it slow.

My excuse to not even try to lose weight has been that my gym workout isn’t even valuable so why try to eat healthy?

Why try??????

I need a counseling appointment. I woke up this morning realizing ALL OVER AGAIN that no one will make me lose weight. Only I can accomplish that. The really dumb and frustrating thing is, I know. And my brain doesn’t know to catch it real time when it is happening!!!

Ugh – my life long struggle continues.

Karli asked the other day why we don’t just get liposuction. Seems legit except I’d just start eating again because I know I have a problem.