Buckeklist from 2016

I just pulled out a little black booklet from late 2016-early 2017. Inside I listed about 200+ bucket list items/activities I want to conquer in this life.

After all the change, growth, and development of new perspectives and forming new ones.. I was shocked to scratch out many things that I simply have zero desire to do anymore.

An example, “try ecstasy “. The reason it was listed originally was to escape reality and hide behind a drug. To numb myself and attain a fake high. Through all the hard work I’ve done mentally and spiritually, I have no desire anymore! I will gloat and say that that is FUCKING BADASS!!!

Other items I was able to cross off without even realizing I had done them in the last year.

Sure, I still have random and typical things: try jumbo Jenga, kayak in San Juan with Orcas, sleep under the Northern Lights, swim near a waterfall, Hawaii, Bora Bora……

And I added a few more.

The journey of life is incredible.

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