Ironically Missing You

I just had a “aHAH” moment. When you have something all the time, you start to treat the material, situation, emotion, or person and you end up acting like it is a privileged luxury you deserve. But we aren’t privileged to anything. And at ANY moment it can disappear.

I miss him. I haven’t seen him for four months and I can’t remember our last interaction. During reflection I concluded that I took our time together as just another time we see each other. I can’t remember the last kiss. In fact, the last one I DO remember was half-assed. Like, we knew that the next one would come again soon.

I miss smiling at him. And watching him look at me with love.

Please, please take a moment and identify the things in your life that would hurt you if you lost them tomorrow without a “last goodbye”. Cherish the time you have.