Alternative to Suicide

At church this last Sunday, the pastor told us a story about how a man walked into his office years ago and said he wanted to kill himself. The pastor asked him why and he was met with many reasons – recently divorced, financial issues, his job is stressful, etc.

The pastor shared with us that he cut the man off after him listing about five bad things in his life.

In the story, the pastor got out a piece of paper and a pen and told this man “You are going to write down 100 positive qualities about yourself. If you can’t, then we will talk about suicide”. The pastor started numbering the paper 1 to 100 as the man shakingly started to share phrases like “well… I guess I’m funny”. The pastor wrote down “funny”. Then the man said that others have noticed he’s done nice things for them- “Kind”. After a few more traits were identified using this pattern, the man started rambling qualities left and right and the pastor had to keep up.

And before long, the pastor said “STOP… You are at 90. Take this paper and hold onto it. Write in the last ten by yourself.”

The man moved away, remarried, and had kids. The pastor had a conference in this new city where the man was years later and the man approached him after, pulled out the crumbled paper from his wallet and showed the pastor the last ten (good husband, great father, provides for family, etc.).

Wow. Powerful! Here is my 90….

  1. Kind
  2. Selfless
  3. Compassionate
  4. Smart
  5. Funny
  6. Original
  7. Beautiful, but
  8. Humble.
  9. Ambitious
  10. Ability to persevere
  11. Ability to endure
  12. I fight for what I believe in
  13. Sound morals
  14. Passionate
  15. Goal oriented
  16. Courageous
  17. I do not judge
  18. Trusting
  19. Trustworthy
  20. Honest
  21. Well-versed
  22. Respectful
  23. I’m proud but not boastful
  24. Loyal
  25. Devout
  26. Emotionally Intelligent
  27. Huge heart
  28. Empathetic
  29. Responsible
  30. Good fur baby momma
  31. Good god-child momma
  32. Good friend
  33. Fabulous best friend
  34. Adventurous
  35. Daring
  36. Athletic
  37. Hobbies- basketball
  38. Hobbies- hiking
  39. Hobbies- camping
  40. Hobbies- baking
  41. Hobbies- writing
  42. Hobbies- poetry
  43. Hobbies- yoga
  44. Forgiving
  45. Accepting
  46. Loving
  47. Strong willed
  48. Self-disciplined
  49. I support two others on my income
  50. I am providing a roof for eight animals and two people
  51. I influence healthcare change everyday
  52. Hmmmmm…

I got to 52 tonight…. there may be more to come?

Of course! I want to see yours even if it isn’t 90! And of course! – I have bad days like everyone else when these parts of me may seem nil and void.

8 thoughts on “Alternative to Suicide

      1. Thanks. I’ve started already:
        1. I’m a kind person.
        2. I’m friendly.
        3. Approachable
        4. Compassionate
        5. I have integrity
        I think I can find a few more…

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  1. Wow! Very inspiring and what a great tool for people who may be struggling with these types of issues. By the way, thanks for visiting my site. I’m glad I paid you a visit.

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