Does anyone else ever feel like they are just ignored? When you need attention most… And it isn’t even “attention” so much as it is “acknowledgement”. He’s working on his business stuff (non-urgent stuff) on a weekend day when we agreed to have the weekend as our time since long hours are required Monday through Friday.

What do you do?

5 thoughts on “Ignored

    1. Talk to me… I need more friends. I’d love to sound smart and say something like “then they aren’t worth your time” – but the truth is I do the same thing. I need more people in my life that get it.

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      1. I’m a horrible persona and a horrible friend.. Just ask the ‘friends’ I’ve lost (although I tend to attract people who aren’t genuine). Are you also living in the UK?


    1. And they accept what you say? My boyfriend does sometimes… but when he doesn’t understand it’s like all my coping skills in participating in a challenging conversation go out the window 😦


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