Best friend Conversations 

We’ve likely all had them. You know, the one’s where no one would understand. The type where if anyone else walked into the conversation, they’d think what.the.fuck. Here are two of my recent favorites!

Conversation 1 with my best girlfriend:

Her: “I’m going to lose my mind and I might go to prison for murder.”

Me: “WTF”

Her: “Lol”

Me: “I won’t help you because I’ve seen how shitty prison is. But I will kidnap you so you don’t go.”

Conversation 2 with best dude-friend:

Him: “Don’t worry about bears on this camping trip.”

Me: “Oh no. What did you do?”

Him: “I have a BB gun. And bear spray.”

Me: “Damnit Travis. I’ve explained before that bears have a thick skull and you basically need a bazooka to break through the bone.”

Him: <really long awkward silence> “Shiiiit…. SAVE YOURSELF!!!!”

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