Sunday Inspiration

Good morning lazy Sunday friends! Often on Sunday’s I am thinking, “ugggggh, tomorrow I go back to work.” I just now realized something SUPER shitty about that belief/feeling. I am so caught up on dreading the next day coming that I never live in the moment right now. I will waste my day anticipating tomorrow sucking… Continue reading Sunday Inspiration

Hypochondriac Therapist

Does this topic warrant concern? After all, you depend on this person to manage your mental health care, prescribe medication, and provide scientific logical advice regarding your well-being. I will just cut to the chase…. Round 1) “When my son was a chunky plump baby heavily overweight, I was literally concerned that he had a… Continue reading Hypochondriac Therapist

Another Round of Psychiatrist Jokes

Uhhuh, it has happened. My psychiatrist and her inside jokes are alive again. Inside Jokes With Your Psychiatrist offered insight on her concern of freckles. Today, she entertained herself in a conversation WITH HERSELF regarding more freckles that went on for minutes. Until she got to the point where she felt she should include me… Continue reading Another Round of Psychiatrist Jokes

Conversations with an ADD/ADHD Boyfriend

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with your partner who has severe ADD/ADHD? Well, my boyfriend has this. I will be talking about meaningful topics and he will have this blank stare on his face. He will even be making eye contact. Then he will start a random ass discussion, very enthusiastically. 90%… Continue reading Conversations with an ADD/ADHD Boyfriend

Inside Jokes with Your Psychiatrist

What I’m about to post makes me realize that I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing (although, my therapist reminds me constantly that we shouldn’t use the terms “good” versus “bad”). I’ve seen my psychiatrist so many times that we both feel comfortable saying “shit” and “fuck” and other less politically… Continue reading Inside Jokes with Your Psychiatrist