Inside Jokes with Your Psychiatrist

What I’m about to post makes me realize that I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing (although, my therapist reminds me constantly that we shouldn’t use the terms “good” versus “bad”). I’ve seen my psychiatrist so many times that we both feel comfortable saying “shit” and “fuck” and other less politically correct terminology. Before I tell you the funny joke, I feel like I should start by saying my psychiatrist is extremely professional and intelligence; with excellent bed side manner.


I was late to my last appointment by 15 minutes and luckily, she still saw me for my scheduled time. This is the conversation that transpired when we walked in her office:

Me: “I’m so sorry I’m late there was a traffic jam on the highway”

Her: “It’s okay. It gave me time to look at my freckles.”

Me: silence and confusion

Her: “Yeah, I realized that I have a LOT of freckles so I’ve been looking at treatment options to get them removed.”

Me: “Oh…. You were serious…”

Her: “Absolutely! Have you seen this!!

Me: “Yes? I don’t notice anything…”

Her: “Yeah THEN I thought ‘Lindsay Lohan used to have freckles I will Google her and see how she got rid of hers… she has a lot of freckles”.

Me: “I recall her having freckles, yes. What did you figure out?”

Her: “I realized, SHE HAS A LOT OF FRECKLES! And then suddenly, she didn’t. Damnit Lindsay.”

Me: “haha – damn her”.

Her: laughing hysterically

Me: “Fucking Lindsay Lohan”.

She repeated “fucking Lindsay Lohan” as she was laughing so hard she almost fell off her stool. She then stated that this may be the best inside she has with any client and she can’t wait to use it on my next visit.


In retrospect, perhaps this inside joke only makes me giggle…guess you had to be there. Regardless, this is a post I will read and reread because it is hilarious to me! Also, no disrespect to Lindsay Lohan or her freckles.

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