Smile – It’s Social Media

Friends – Do you ever encounter this?

I’ve been told over and over again that I look “so happy”. But isn’t that a deception of oneself? The photo / status that that person is viewing often time isn’t real-time in the current moment. Meaning, it doesn’t reflect my current mood right now.

Not to mention, that depression, anxiety, suicide ideations, pain, sorrow, internal demons, [enter your struggle here] – can be hidden from the camera. Sure, we can let others in or express ourselves so others can see. But from my experience, you don’t post a picture of you laying on the bathroom floor, mascara running, heart racing, struggling… struggling with everything. The breath, to live, to persevere, to believe, to have faith.

Who is say that I AM happy? Only I know. And it is my choice to share that feeling/emotion/belief with others if I choose.