. . . Workday Sept 6 . . .


Does anyone else ever get the point in the work day where you think “holy crap – I am tired”?

Following shortly after, your posture sinking down, hands holding your head up, and your eyes closing shut (you know the kind of closing where it is so rewarding yet feels so “naughty” because you know you shouldn’t do that at work?).

That is me today.

I started working out at 5:30. In case I need to clarify, that is FIVE-THIRTY AM. I am proud of myself. My body is thrilled that my abs, arms, and quads are happy with me because they feel tight (you know, the kind of tight right after working out that burns but feels so right?).

In retrospect, I am just complaining. . . At least it is therapeutic to me and hopefully less annoying to you (silver-lining?).

On the POSITIVE – I am working out!!! That is something I never thought I’d do again if you had asked me ten months ago. 

Phewwwwwwwwww, slow progress…