Another Round of Psychiatrist Jokes

Uhhuh, it has happened.

My psychiatrist and her inside jokes are alive again.

Inside Jokes With Your Psychiatrist offered insight on her concern of freckles.

Today, she entertained herself in a conversation WITH HERSELF regarding more freckles that went on for minutes. Until she got to the point where she felt she should include me in the conversation. At this point she has already proposed an exaggerated belief that if she gets any more freckles then she clearly will need a skin transplant.


“Yeah. It is the only rational solution. I still don’t think you see what I see.”

“Well, obviously not (lol) because a skin transplant seems super duper extreme.”

“You should get glasses.”

“How was your weekend?”

“I will prescribe you expensive / high quality glasses so you can see the freckles.”


Sigh. A battle I will not win.

To further clarify from my original blog regarding this topic- no disrespect to Lindsay Lohan and her freckles.