Hypochondriac Therapist

Does this topic warrant concern? After all, you depend on this person to manage your mental health care, prescribe medication, and provide scientific logical advice regarding your well-being.

I will just cut to the chase….

Round 1) “When my son was a chunky plump baby heavily overweight, I was literally concerned that he had a reaction to milk because he swelled up.”

Round 2) “When my son was a chunky plump baby…… I always carried him on my left arm (because apparently I am incapable of holding a baby in my right arm) and my neck muscle JUST on the left side was so massive and developed that I thought I had thyroid cancer.”

Round 3) “I must have skin cancer because of my freckles.”

Round 4) “I must have breast cancer. My bra is too tight today.”


And these are just the first four that came to mind. Anyone else encounter this?

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