From May 31st until November 1st. 36.

I have been dieting and semi-working out. More so, trying to not drink soda or eat greasy food. For someone who has been addicted to soda since age five and someone who ate fast food five days a week the past eight years…. that is huge. 36 lbs.

I’m proud of myself and that doesn’t come easy.

I started a personal trainer two months ago but with mood swings still and it costing $200 a month, I couldn’t consistently continue.

My goal weight is still 40lbs away and I want to achieve it in six months for when my boyfriend comes home.

I guess I am writing this down to express the importance of achieving my goal weight in this lifetime. I have never loved my body. Not once ever. Now I look back at pictures from 2005 and think “damn, I was sexy at a time I thought I was so fat how could anyone love me?”.

Funny how perspectives change as your mind balances out.

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