Chances with New Friends

It is horribly terrifying in every sense possible. So many unanswered questions. So many questions that I will never be able to predict prior. Even making the plan is difficult. I have cancelled every plan I have made to hang out. What if they get fed up with me cancelling……

What if they judge me?

What if I try and they don’t?

What if they agree to hang out, have a bad time, then never want to hang out again even though I get attached?

What if they think I’m too fat to be a friend?

What if they think I’m not pretty enough to be a friend?

What if I have a panic attack and I start sweating profusely prior to excusing myself to the bathroom?

What if I’m left more lonely compared to how I feel sitting here alone?


………..what if it turns out fabulous and I make a friend for life?

12 thoughts on “Chances with New Friends

  1. I have many of the same concerns…it sucks! But I have 2 very good friends who seem to accept me as I am, so if I can anyone can…..because I’m the least friend-worthy person on earth.

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          1. So have I (failed( friendships and relationships even more six. People either pity me or just want to use me for a while


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