Letter to Me: Future

Dear Future Self,


Be proud. Be humble. And continue to endure.

You’ve come a long way and you still have a long way to go. Take a breath and slow down.

Stand in the sun and just be, just feel. And do it right now, don’t always wait until tomorrow or the next day because then it will never happen.

Continue to wear your kind heart on your sleeve even though you will be vulnerable to heartache. You’ve acquired skills and knowledge that better equip you for pain and the risk of that pain is worth the possibility of making a significant impact on others.

Remain devout in your morales. Remind yourself each day before bed that you have a beautiful soul.

Forgive others. Be the bigger person in the adversity of unresolved conflicts.

Eat healthy (and not to lose weight but to lead a healthy life).

Do NOT for a moment believe you are unworthy of happiness. You are. And you know it but you tend to forget this from time to time. When you finally figure out that your brain is being ridiculous, kick your own ass. When you are consciously aware you are worthy, reward yourself.

Find another hobby. Continue to write. Finish writing your book. Further explore yoga. Take that kayaking trip you’ve always wanted to take in the Puget Sound.

Don’t let happiness be defined as whether or not you have a baby. Or whether your biological family “understands” and/or accepts you.

Continue to play the Lotto because you can’t win if you don’t play. Continue to expect each ticket is a loser so that if you win any amount it will be the highlight of the day.

For the love of everything, never stop your self-improvement journey. You’ll never be done. There is no end destination. If you get burnt out, slow down. Reflect. Make sure you don’t have an agenda. Then carry on at a comfortable pace.

Things may or may not work with your current relationship. Realize that that is okay. Hope for the best. But if it doesn’t work, take time for YOU and don’t seek cheap sex. Heal. And move on. Your personality and beliefs will attract someone similar. You’ll date again and you’ll likely get hurt again. Remember that you won’t find a life partner without trying.

Your cat and dog will die someday. It will be heart wrenching and you’ll feel empty and lost. It is okay to grieve. It is okay to feel a void. It is okay to want to rid your house of all animal toys so it doesn’t hurt as bad being reminded that she is gone. DO get another pet. DON’T rebound right away but do adopt again and raise another pet in a wonderful home with lots of love so you can fall in love again.

Be responsible with money. Stop buying pointless shit from Amazon.

Volunteer every chance you get.

Take time each week to reflect and identify what you are thankful for. Stay grounded in realistic goals. Always remember that materials won’t bring happiness. Live simple. All you need is oxygen, food, water, shelter, and tampons.

Never hesitate to tackle a bucket list item.

Go to Hawaii already.

And get that damn tattoo that is visible that others in the family or anyone else may judge you on. Lessons have taught you enough to feel confident in saying “fuck them”. Your body. Your rules. Plus, you are a grown-ass-woman.

Push yourself to not be so lazy. Your lazy, a lot, kiddo. Knock it off. Right now.

Stop and enjoy the ride.

Stop and enjoy the moment.

Stop trying to predict the future and stop letting the fear of the unknown dictate your life!! Take those chances and learn and grow from the outcome.

Stop to feel the rain, observe the color of the leaves, smell the freshly baked dessert for hours before eating it, sip wine for the taste, in a group of people -sit back and listen- it will make you smile.

When you are on your death bed, remember all the memories you created. Leading your life up until your on that bed, always ask yourself “do I want to create a memory today or continue to cruise through life in the shadows.”

Seconds fly by… every second. Live.

Be YOU and never be ashamed of YOU.

Love always,


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