Internal Family Systems

Is anyone out there familiar with IFS and the IFS language?

In counseling tonight, I confirmed that my parts are trusting me more and more. They are working together and trust each other more consistently. 

The powerful thing is that I control my happiness now. I am able to have sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and I am able to unburden an exile within minutes or seconds usually (previously this would have taken months, then it improved to weeks, then days). Sure, sometimes I get caught up with exiles. We all do from time to time, I imagine? I actually know one man who does this in the snap of his fingers (I consider him a super human though.. and that definitely does not count).

Anyways, I made the reference tonight that I can feel the little parts living in me. In my sternum to the left. They are working together. And when one becomes more dominant, it eats the others. It may sound graphic but if you know IFS language, you may be giggling or thinking something similar to that makes sense to me.

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