My “I Don’t Want to Go” Letter for YOU

Hello Lovely Friends. I was mindlessly venturing around on Facebook when I stumbled upon a post that caught my eye. My friend shared a link and the caption is “‘I’m 27. I Don’t Want to Go. I Love My Life’ Heartbreaking Letter Written by Young Woman Dying of Cancer”. It may catch your attention too… Continue reading My “I Don’t Want to Go” Letter for YOU

2017 Reflections

This time last year I was curled on the couch, four days since my last shower, pills in hands reach, with nothing more than suicidal ideations that were strong enough to zone out the tv volume of four, Family Guy. I wouldn’t get the “correct” medication until May tenth. Leaving approximately 126 days of sorrow… Continue reading 2017 Reflections

Hearts & Spirits go to Las Vegas, Caregivers, and Loved Ones

Many words, sympathy and empathy are being passed around rught now. Below is a message from my hospitals regional COO highlighting the heart felt message from our CEO at PSJH system.  Dear Kadlec Caregivers: The Las Vegas mass shooting is unimaginable in its horror. Dr. Hochman has drafted a particularly meaningful message below. Please share… Continue reading Hearts & Spirits go to Las Vegas, Caregivers, and Loved Ones

Internal Family Systems

Is anyone out there familiar with IFS and the IFS language? In counseling tonight, I confirmed that my parts are trusting me more and more. They are working together and trust each other more consistently.  The powerful thing is that I control my happiness now. I am able to have sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and… Continue reading Internal Family Systems