2017 Reflections

This time last year I was curled on the couch, four days since my last shower, pills in hands reach, with nothing more than suicidal ideations that were strong enough to zone out the tv volume of four, Family Guy. I wouldn’t get the “correct” medication until May tenth. Leaving approximately 126 days of sorrow… Continue reading 2017 Reflections

IFS: Worthy vs. Perfection

If you’ve read my blog titled Internal Family Systems then you’ll know that I’ve done a lot of work growing my self-worth leading me towards a Self driven life. Yesterday in therapy, we started talking about my job and the issues I have with my boss not holding others accountable when I escalate issues to him. Now… Continue reading IFS: Worthy vs. Perfection

Internal Family Systems

Is anyone out there familiar with IFS and the IFS language? In counseling tonight, I confirmed that my parts are trusting me more and more. They are working together and trust each other more consistently.  The powerful thing is that I control my happiness now. I am able to have sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, and… Continue reading Internal Family Systems