On Nov 5th, 2017 I wrote a blog about how I have lost 36lbs since my life spiraled down in a direction that left me isolated, alone on my couch with nothing more than boxes of saltine crackers, tubs of frosting, a phone charger, Family Guy, and my comfort blanket.

I gained 50lbs during that lovely six month period of being attached to the couch.

So 36lbs in 6 Months was and is a huge accomplishment!!!! No one would argue that, I imagine.

And now? Two months later in January of 2018, I’m at 42lbs lost! All of it is done through healthy weight loss habits. I’ve chosen a healthy lifestyle and not a short-term diet.



The intent of this post isn’t to gloat in my accomplishment. It is to help remind myself that achieving my ideal weight and body won’t happen over night. And the best I can do each day is ultimately the best I can do. I won’t eat perfect everyday and I won’t workout everyday even when I know I want to see the end result.

I need a reminder to myself that even though I’ve hit a plateau in weight loss I can still achieve my goals. This just means that I need to search deep and find my desire to continue to push myself forward instead of giving up.

And that’s just it. 220 has been my “comfort weight” the past eight years. It’s comfy and it’s what I know. I hate it, but it’s what I know. And I need that reminder to myself that it’s okay to step outside what is comfortable. To take a chance. To try. Because I know very clearly what my end goal is:

A healthy lifestyle and a body I love.

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