Road Rage vs. Road Anxiety

Can someone please tell me the difference?

Maybe there is no difference. Maybe the rage is the trigger for the anxiety? Or does the anxiety trigger the rage? Either way, there is a catalyst propelling change in an arguably unpleasant outcome.

Have you ever thought about it this way — the other driver(s) has no clue about what is happening within your vehicle… oblivious to your suffering or their ignorance (there IS a chance that they are aware of the shitty driving choices they are making, maybe they did it on accident, or they are speeding to the vet where their dog is having unexpected surgery, or to the hospital to see the birth of their son…).


I had this plan to write this LONG blog all about the negligence of others on the road and how my anxiety is the only thing that matters. THEN I realized, it is more complicated than that. For example, a month ago I sped to my friend Amanda’s funeral service and I cut one or two people off (okay, maybe like four people?)…  do they share similar thoughts of anxiety and/or rage?

The world and everyone in it is connected one way or another. I suppose I just learned a new lesson as I am laying in bed and listening to my nails click against the keyboard…