Working with High Functioning Anxiety

Hi friends.

I had tried every online suggestion to manage anxiety prior to seeking medication. But the panic attacks. Excessive sweating. Debilitating worrying. The random striking of chest pain always continued.

Is it wrong to speak up for this when at work? I feel like there is a fine line between your boss viewing you as weak or having poor performance versus truly needing time to cope. Allowing the time off to seek help. Sometimes taking ten minutes, alone, to gather oneself.

My boss says that I appear to be “okay” and “normal” so I must be okay… but, my internal systems feel like they are shutting down and being suffocated. The reason he believes I am so “okay” is that I can perform all my regular duties but the amount of stress placing on my mind and body is excruciating.

Is it wrong of me to tell him?

4 thoughts on “Working with High Functioning Anxiety

  1. I think that how honest you are with your boss about your anxiety depends on the type of relationship you have with him (or her). Regardless of whether you have anxiety or not, self-care is important as well as getting some needed breaks throughout the day. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed I think that it’s important to consider whether it is anxiety related or just you being a human and needing a breather.


      1. You might have to assert yourself and tell him when you need those breaks, but it could be his expectations of employees are to high, not just your anxiety; your anxiety could be telling you that it’s you failing but really everyone may be feeling overwhelmed. I think we often attribute feeling stressed/overwhelmed to our own problems and sometimes it’s not us.


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