Sunday Inspiration

Good morning lazy Sunday friends! Often on Sunday’s I am thinking, “ugggggh, tomorrow I go back to work.”

I just now realized something SUPER shitty about that belief/feeling. I am so caught up on dreading the next day coming that I never live in the moment right now. I will waste my day anticipating tomorrow sucking that today is gone before I know. Leaving a day full of sadness and regret.

So, how about this. We ALL put a fucking smile on our face, get off the couch, and get out there! Do at least one fun/different thing. Even if it is making that  cup of coffee you are typically too lazy to make (I use that example because that is what I’m about to do).

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Inspiration

  1. I think many can relate to that feeling of Monday coming up. Which is why so many people are unable to enjoy their Sunday. They allow the next day to ruin their current day, whereas if you live in the moment, you might just be able to have such a wonderful Sunday you’ll wake up Monday with a smile 🙂

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