The One Who Holds the Stars

Everything happens for a reason. I’ve never met You but I know the truths that I believe in. I pray to You once in a while and I know You don’t judge me for not doing it daily or not attending church every Sunday (more like once every three months).

You love every man the same.

Even in their imperfections. Even when we are pained deeply. I just lost a dear, dear friend. I know You have a master plan for our loss. I know I will see her in Heaven and she will stand by my side holding me.

I pray that she is looked after, that she is happy and content, that she looks down on us and smiles. That she accepts any and all decisions made by everyone who has touched her life. She has touched so many.

I pray my anger subsides. Fading slowly each day into night. That I can wake up stronger each morning. More so, I pray for her children and my mother. They are in desperate need of relief, comfort, peace, and acceptance. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and this will shape our future lives with a heavily impact.

We take life for granted and we forget to cherish each breath. You remind us of that in your plan for each of us. But, she is gone… she really is gone.

Don’t worry about me – please watch over her in Your grace in Heaven.


With the love of everyone touched by Amanda’s beautiful soul,