Limitless Tears

Have you ever just cried?

Like REALLY let it all out? Maybe in the shower, looking up toward where the water is spraying your face so that no one can hear.

Yesterday night and tonight have been my crying nights. My counselor tells me that it is therapeutic. I’m not sure. I always come out of it hazy with swollen eyes.

Sometimes I cry because it doesn’t make sense to do anything else. Sometimes I don’t know WHAT to do, so I cry.

I told my counselor that I’ve been crying a LOT lately – more than “Brandi Normal”.

Do you use a distraction or let the pain pour out?

3 thoughts on “Limitless Tears

  1. I used to cry. Since I became a mom 12 years ago, I find its harder for me to just sit down and cry although I have (like yesterday and when my Dad passed).
    Sometimes I really want to cry and just can’t.


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