Love from Within

I was listening to some random track on a random playlist I created years ago. You know, the kind of music you totally forgot about because you’ve been wrapped up in the catchy tunes from today. What I personally forgot is that my taste in music was stellar back in those days. Then it smacked me upside the head. Four simple words that struck a chord deep within my soul…

“Love keeps us kind”.


Growing up in a Hell-like atmosphere, I always believed that one day I would do great things. I had NO clue where that belief came from or how I would accomplish “great things” (whatever that meant). But I remember going to church from ages 9-11 years old. I remember sitting at the round table talking about important subjects but I never fully understand the language or the meaning.

I bring up the topic of going to church because it would take two decades later until I finally believed in a higher power and where love resonates.

I had it all along.

In a counseling session (mid-May), I unburdened a heavy exile that I suppressed this whole time. Love.

The unburdening of this exile and making peace with it meant that I invited back into my life qualities/beliefs that I never had before: love; I am love for simply being; and, I deserve love. I remember swaying back and forth gently in my seat. I remember feeling joy in that moment. I remember saying out loud quietly, but with authority, “I am love”.

Love has been my unconscious foundation my entire life that has contributed to my kindness. Powerful.

When I say that I will do “great things”, I believe that it has been my Guardian Angel protecting my heart from turning cold, black, and blue. It was the Angel that gave me strength to always be kind… no matter what the Higher Power presented in my life.

My kindness has always been Love. That is the greatness I bring to this world.