Alarm Clock, First Thoughts


The one thing that will calm the storm known as “hunger”. When in actuality, it is only comfort food.

I always do it… grab the first thing to eat even though I KNOW I am not hungry. I’m tired.

Tired is uncomfortable to me. I need to be fully rested to maintain a stable mood. Until that anxiety pill is in my hand washed away by water, I can’t control it.

You may be thinking, “get rid of the food so it isn’t tempting, duh!”. Well. I have to eat something when I AM hungry. And that is the problem – I will grab literally anything…

I guess I’m not worthy of conquering my eating disorder.

3 thoughts on “Alarm Clock, First Thoughts

  1. The first thing I do when I wake up is go for an energy drink. I understand the issue, and there is hope for us! I don’t know what, but there has to be! 😀


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