Who Am I – A Poem?

A different place, different conversation. Still wanting to runaway now.

Chasing my self, seeking my personality not found. Who am I?

If I can’t have myself then you can’t have me either.

Lost, hot damn. This river flows and boulders crash circling the tornado.

At rock bottom, does the grass grow green? Glimmer before me?

No picture perfect memories, no baseline to reach for.

Lost and unsure where to cross my own mind. It happens all the time.

Your love is so free, so strong, so brave.

I don’t know how I can without you but I know I need myself now.

No more numbing. Pain rings untampered unlike before.

Tell me to try now. To dig deep for strength. To build character in these times.

No one knows this struggle. I’d rather hurt than be unsure of what is next.

Messy biological sorrow and suffering is predictable. I can count on the demons.

The “what ifs” ring free – pouring through loud like my raging tears drowning us.

I need myself now.

Who am I?

A destination to define who I am. No actions, just words on the screen. Who am I now?

I will define the new me –

Starting now.