Learning to Love

It’s never easy to walk away, let her go.

When you touched my heart, you could tell I was broken.

Everything leads to – just walk away – but you love me.

It will be okay. It will hurt. Bottoms up, tonight.

Time can’t steal the love you’re born to find.

Never easy but you’ll be just fine.

Is being all right enough? What if there is more?

What if being locked in love isn’t the cure?

Speak to me by saying nothing at all to me.

Everyday – you saying the words that I want you to say.

This pain in my heart won’t go away. Here with me, everyday.

I try to hide it, everyday. My strengths pain me.

When I see those things, I need you here with me.

I want someone to need a girl like me.

When is the struggle enough? I need a reason to love again.

No sheets between us – they are gone – beds apart.

My heart needs to love again. Your mind needs to trust again.

Again and again.

Spiral free, a love for me. Dive right in and follow his lead?

Never knew you’d wait for me. Through all the mess. The tears. The trauma.

Your heart is all I own.

When will it end?