Internal Hope

Internal Hope – Originally posted August 5th, 2017 I think of the word “hope” and I must admit, I have no idea how to put a definition on the word. And I use it all the time. Hell, within my first blog on this site, “My Personal Hell”, I referred to hope. In case you can’t… Continue reading Internal Hope

Do you love your parents?

In society, we are made to believe that we MUST love our parents. Regardless of what they do, how they act, who they are. Some would even argue that unconditional love is love that does not have to be earned; conditional love is love that must be earned? What if I don’t love them unconditionally… Continue reading Do you love your parents?

Mental Health Genetic Test

This test and its benefits aren’t widely known in my community so I find it imperative that others know there are options available in their treatment plan. Below is my story along with an overview of the test.: Treating conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior is difficult. Each person’s depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis, bipolar,… Continue reading Mental Health Genetic Test