My Safe Haven

As a child growing up in a mentally abusive, addiction ridden, chaotic environment full of codependency, drama, and instability… I turned to basketball as my temporary refuge. I recall the second I would jump out of the car with my gym bag to run into the gym for practice; happiness consumed me. The days when… Continue reading My Safe Haven

Inside Jokes with Your Psychiatrist

What I’m about to post makes me realize that I’m not sure if it is a good or bad thing (although, my therapist reminds me constantly that we shouldn’t use the terms “good” versus “bad”). I’ve seen my psychiatrist so many times that we both feel comfortable saying “shit” and “fuck” and other less politically… Continue reading Inside Jokes with Your Psychiatrist

Mindfulness in Depression

Have you ever had a provider say to you “just breathe”…… AGHHGHG. Right? It is more complex than that! Like all my symptoms magically go away when I take a deep breath. If it were that simple then I wouldn’t be sitting in your office… Mastering mindfulness takes time. It took two years until I… Continue reading Mindfulness in Depression

My Personal Hell

I’m a master at experiencing debilitating depression; to stand in front of a mirror aghast at the anxiety pouring out; to spend hours on the shower floor filled with sorrow and crying for no reason; trauma so severe that my world is turned upside down and everything is stolen from me; and the ultimate experience, to… Continue reading My Personal Hell