Hearts & Spirits go to Las Vegas, Caregivers, and Loved Ones

Many words, sympathy and empathy are being passed around rught now. Below is a message from my hospitals regional COO highlighting the heart felt message from our CEO at PSJH system.  Dear Kadlec Caregivers: The Las Vegas mass shooting is unimaginable in its horror. Dr. Hochman has drafted a particularly meaningful message below. Please share… Continue reading Hearts & Spirits go to Las Vegas, Caregivers, and Loved Ones

Spiritual Awakening

I believe, with all certainty, that I have had a spiritual awakening. We’ve all heard of mind, body, and spirit. But do you know what it means? Until recently, I had no clue what the spiritual component meant. I have been focusing on connecting my mind and body. Stabilizing my moods, mindset, emotional intelligence understanding… Continue reading Spiritual Awakening

. . . Workday Sept 6 . . .

ZzZZzzZ.. Does anyone else ever get the point in the work day where you think “holy crap – I am tired”? Following shortly after, your posture sinking down, hands holding your head up, and your eyes closing shut (you know the kind of closing where it is so rewarding yet feels so “naughty” because you… Continue reading . . . Workday Sept 6 . . .