I Will Never Forget…

… I will never regret. Each moment. Each judgement. Each subjective opinion. Each comparison. All the jokes, giggles, sexy looks, agreement on physical appearances of others, our mutual love of Capt. Morgan’s or Skittles or Sex on the Beach. All those transparent conversations about sex and debates regarding the best way to have sex. You… Continue reading I Will Never Forget…

Alarm Clock, First Thoughts

Food. The one thing that will calm the storm known as “hunger”. When in actuality, it is only comfort food. I always do it… grab the first thing to eat even though I KNOW I am not hungry. I’m tired. Tired is uncomfortable to me. I need to be fully rested to maintain a stable mood.… Continue reading Alarm Clock, First Thoughts

Hypochondriac Therapist

Does this topic warrant concern? After all, you depend on this person to manage your mental health care, prescribe medication, and provide scientific logical advice regarding your well-being. I will just cut to the chase…. Round 1) “When my son was a chunky plump baby heavily overweight, I was literally concerned that he had a… Continue reading Hypochondriac Therapist

Another Round of Psychiatrist Jokes

Uhhuh, it has happened. My psychiatrist and her inside jokes are alive again. Inside Jokes With Your Psychiatrist offered insight on her concern of freckles. Today, she entertained herself in a conversation WITH HERSELF regarding more freckles that went on for minutes. Until she got to the point where she felt she should include me… Continue reading Another Round of Psychiatrist Jokes

Spiritual Awakening

I believe, with all certainty, that I have had a spiritual awakening. We’ve all heard of mind, body, and spirit. But do you know what it means? Until recently, I had no clue what the spiritual component meant. I have been focusing on connecting my mind and body. Stabilizing my moods, mindset, emotional intelligence understanding… Continue reading Spiritual Awakening

. . . Workday Sept 6 . . .

ZzZZzzZ.. Does anyone else ever get the point in the work day where you think “holy crap – I am tired”? Following shortly after, your posture sinking down, hands holding your head up, and your eyes closing shut (you know the kind of closing where it is so rewarding yet feels so “naughty” because you… Continue reading . . . Workday Sept 6 . . .

Suicide: December 29, 2016

Have you ever been suicidal? My psychiatrist calls it “suicidal ideations”. What the hell is the difference? I recall being immobile in bed for six months straight. With one thought: it would be so much easier to not be alive; to not have to breathe one more breath. Because each breath kills you a little… Continue reading Suicide: December 29, 2016

My Life

Beautiful mind, Lost and alone. The broken past, Chaos and control. Her heart of gold, Selfless and dull. My mystery ride, Inside and out, brings Self-discovery Untold. Quest for peace – the Tears and the pain Ache deep inside. Irrationality in control. String me along Until I fold. Question remains – Choose to live, in… Continue reading My Life